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It is the end of the second term and we are deeply grateful to God for His love and kindness upon us since the beginning of the year. I thank all of you for your cooperation with us to give the best to our beloved girls.

Your daughter is sent home today and is expected to return on Saturday 7th May, 2022 before 6 pm. Kindly note that no student is to be back after the said time or fine of N 2000 will be paid before she is checked in. If your daughter misses to be back on the resumption day; she will have to return on the next Saturday and not on Sunday. JSS3 & SS3 students have their specific day to return which is stated below.  

Please pay attention to the following information brought to your notice at this time:

  • Homework: The students have been given a take home assignment. Kindly log online to assess them.  
  • School Fee:  The fee is N 87,000 as was concluded at the PTA meeting. All students are expected to pay a complete fee or at least N 50,000.00 before they will be checked in on resumption. All fee should be paid into any of the school’s accounts and tellers brought to the bursary on resumption. Note, no fee in cash will be collected.
  • Extension Classes: SS3 AND JSS3 students are to resume on the 23rd of April, 2022 for their extension classes.
  • Essentials of Etiquette & Good Manners: The students regularly join other schools on a webinar. The training is on etiquettes and good manners. As a follow up, some holiday activities have been given to them. Kindly monitor their progress at home.
  • Each student is to pay the sum of N 1000.00 in cash for diction classes.
  • JSS2 students are to return with a graph booklet for their mathematics class.
  • Home Economics Practical: JSS1 & JSS2 Students shall pay N 500 each in cash for pomade, cosmetic production and snacks preparations. In addition, JSS1 students are to bring along the following: ½ yard of calico material, I yard of green check, I white or green sewing thread, 2 colours of fancy threads, I big sewing needle, 1 small sewing needle, a pair of scissors, measuring tape
  • The sum of N 1000.00 should be paid in cash for the calendar.
  • RECEIPTS: I had asked that your receipts be printed from the web, kindly hold on a little for us to put a few things in place.
  • POS: The use of POS in school for payment in school is not available anymore. We are having issues with the service provider. Until it is rectified, kindly use the bank for your payment or make direct transfers and send your detail to us.
  • BECE: The JSS3 students upon resumption are to pay in cash the sum of N 15,000.00 for their extension classes and registration for BECE alongside the school fee.
  • Mock Examination: SS2 students are to return with the sum of N 5000.00 cash to be paid for the registration of their state mock.
  • Uniform: The use of improper uniform is highly frowned at. Therefore, students who make use of wrong or undersized uniform should not come back with them or stand the risk of having them confiscated and being punished.
  • Graduation: SS3 students are to pay in cash, on their return, the sum of N15,000.00 for their graduation regalia.
  • Checking of Result: Results will be uploaded online on or before Thursday 14th April, 2022. Ensure you use the scratch cards to check your ward’s result. It is compulsory for each student to return with a photocopy of her result to be submitted on the resumption day or face the consequences. If faced with any challenge, call the Web manager on this number; 07032212486.
  • Working Implement: Every student should return with a bundle of broom or pay the sum of N 200.00 on her return.
  • Pocket Money: Please deposit with the Finance Minister on her return not more than N 3000 for her pocket money. Please do not keep your child’s money with any other staff except at the bank.
  • Fanciful Slippers: The use of fanciful slippers is not allowed on the compound and as such no student should return with any.
  • Name Tags: Make a visible sign on your ward’s properties especially her clothes to avoid missing things. Ensure you check her things properly.
  • Eating Utensils: Provide for her a plate, stainless cup and cutlery for her meals.
  • Hair Cut: No student should return without having her hair nicely cut otherwise she will not be allowed in. SS3 parents kindly take note of this important message.
  • Sanitary Things: The following items are to be brought: one big bottle of Dettol, one big toilet paper and one big container of morning fresh or the sum of N3,500 be paid.

Please check the financial stand of your ward(s) and attend to it accordingly.

  1.  Arrears ……………………….
  2. Current Fee ………………….
  3. Toiletries ……………………
  4. Fine ………………………….
  5. Calendar …………………….
  6. Total ………………………

Payments are made to the following bank accounts:

First Bank – 2004361237

Zenith Bank – 1014687229

UBA – 1016780735

Access Bank – 0023087134

Finally, I wish you a very happy reunion with your wards, an ecstatic and blessed holiday time together. May you be provided with all that you need to be the best parents/ guardians you can be to your ward(s). A happy Easter celebration ahead of you.


Sr. Eti-ini Udom, SSND


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